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The Project


Sport is proved to be an excellent tool in order to foster social integration of vulnerable target groups. However, there is an under-representation of children from these groups in the sport clubs and generally in the sport activities. Because of their living conditions, the main contact point of these target groups with the mainstream community are the schools. For this reason, there is a need to increase the contacts and cooperation between schools and local communities (including sport clubs) through the use of sports and to increase the capacity of intermediary bodies (such as local authorities, sport associations, NGOs) to promote these contacts in a sustainable way.

In this way, students from vulnerable target groups will be able to:

  • Have a first contact with the sport clubs and other sport organisations that exist in their community
  • Have increased motivation for their participation in sport activities
  • Increase their participation in the community life

To achieve the objectives of the project successfully, the need to build the capacity of physical trainers in schools in order to be able to encourage successfully the participation of children from vulnerable target groups to these activities was fulfilled.

Main Activities

1) Collection of best practices around the world related with the ways of cooperation between schools, sport clubs and local communities. Development of a guidebook with good examples

2) Development of training material for the training of people working in intermediary organisations. Organisation of training courses both face to face and through the use of e-learning.

3) Development of training material for the training of physical trainers in schools. Organisation of training courses both face to face and through the use of e-learning.

4) Development of a model for sustainable cooperation in a community level between schools and community-based organisations (including sport clubs).

The project was implemented by an international consortium which was led by Irodoros, the public body of the Municipality of Megara responsible for social solidarity and sport. Apart from Action Synergy, the project partnership included also Eurosuccess Consulting from Cyprus, the Lithuanian Sports UniversityZAVOD APGA from Slovenia,  Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation from Austria and Corporate Games from Romania.