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Multiplier Event in Cyprus


There were two (2) events taking place in Cyprus:
• 28/03/2022 at Agios Spyridonas Lycem, Limassol, with the participation of 39 teachers
• 29/03/2022 at Lyceum of Pera Chorio Nisou, with the participation of 12 teachers

During both events, at the beginning, a relevant introduction by the school and EUROSC was given to the participants. Afterwards, a presentation of our organization and the project (through our corporate website and the projects’) took place, as well as the results and activities developed.
At the end, the discussion / brainstorming session took place with the participants.
The main part of the events was the discussion and brainstorming of the exploitation and usage of the results:
• In both events, participants showed intense interest in using the results in their work, within and outside the classroom.
• Teachers not directly involved in the PE sector, also indicated this interest and willingness.
• The fact that the results involve children from foreign countries (migrants/refugees), supporting their socialization and integration in the school (and broader) society sector, was also seen very positively by the participants.
• They were somehow reluctant on the time needed to be inputted, for a teacher to be acquainted with the materials and methods to be used.